How To Make A Temporary Tattoo?

In the present times, tattoo lovers are commonly seen. Majority of the individuals of distinct age groups have permanent tattoos on their body. It is good to experiment with your body. But, if you don’t want to have a permanent tattoo, then you can make a temporary tattoo on your own at your house just by buying the items from the craft store.

Design – The design of the tattoo must be unique and fresh, so that when you will make it on your skin others cannot take the eyes off from your tattoo. Just think about various designs and try to draw all those things in a piece of paper with a pencil. You can rate the designs to understand your potential. You can surf net for better tattoo ideas, if you are using permanent eyeliner. Just check out the new tattoo designs that people are doing. Try to draw those designs. You can take some ideas from the professional tattoo artists if you know. 

Ideas – You can make eyebrow feather tattoo with your eyeliner. Your eyeliner’s thick black ink is the best for your new tattoo. Don’t make too many bold lines with your eyeliner. Just make fine lines, small tattoo designs with your eyeliner, so that it can be seen prominently from far away. Keep in mind that eyeliner can smudge too. That’s why try to make the designs that are clear, for instance, a star, a small sized rose and so on. It is a fact that a large tattoo will look as if it is hand drawn and a small tattoo will imply that it is created by a pro. Keep these things in mind. 

Eyeliner – Pay a visit to the nearest drugstore to get a simple eyeliner pencil, which can be sharpened whenever you wish. Pick an eyeliner pencil that is not oily and shiny. An ideal pencil is the one which can create smooth, dry marks. Such dry marks will not be smudged easily and your tattoo will remain in a good condition for a couple of months. Jet black eyeliner is perfect for making a temporary tattoo. But, you can choose eyeliner pencil of several colours too. You can try the sapphire, emerald and purple colours to make your tattoo design. Don’t ever buy a liquid eyeliner as liquid eyeliner is suitable on your eye only and not on your body parts. Use your eyeliner pencil to draw new tattoo designs on a piece of paper. After practicing for a couple of days, you can surely make a temporary tattoo with your eyeliner like a professional.